Geophysics is an earth sciences branch that uses principles of physics (seismic, electric, magnetic, gravity etc.) to image and to characterize the material properties of the subsurface. The exploration of earth resources such as oil, natural gas, coal, ore deposits, industrial minerals, geothermal resources and underground water can be accomplished by using  geophysical techniques. Thus, geophysics can contribute greatly to the economic prosperity and well being of nations. Since Turkey is located along a seismically active  belt, the study of earthquakes is very important for us. Seismology is a sub-branch of geophysics. The study of earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, ground properties, non-destructive testing of st… All >>
Sakarya University was established in 1970. The Department of Geophysical Engineering was established later in 1997. There are two undergraduate programs: Day and Evening Programs in the Department of Geophysical Engineering. First graduates obtained their degrees at the end of the 2004-2005 Academic Year from the Day Program and at the end of the 2007-2008 Academic Year from the Evening program. Currently there are 8 Faculty members and 4 researchers in the Department of Geophysical Engineering. There are 130 undergraduate students in the department. 95 of them are enrolled in the Day Program and 35 of them are enrolled in the Evening Program. There is also a Graduate program that grants MSc and PhD degrees. There are 21 MSc and 9&nbs… All >>

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